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Draft Beto | Help Get Beto To Run For President

Help Beto win in 2020!

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Draft Beto is a revolutionary campaign to convince Beto O'Rourke to run for President in 2020. 


We believe by building the grassroots infrastructure and financial resources we'll be able to not only convince Beto to run for the Democratic nomination, but give him a headstart.   


That's why every single dollar we raise is put into an escrow account, which immediately transfers to Beto's campaign if he decides to run.

We plan to give our Facebook and Twitter page, email list, and volunteer team to Beto's campaign as well.  




Draft Beto's leadership team is made up of a wide variety of passionate and experienced Democratic activists. All members of our leadership team are unpaid volunteers committed to getting Beto to run and defeating Trump in 2020. 

Boyd Brown

Senior Advisor

A multiple term state legislator who The Washington Post dubbed “A Voice of a Generation,” Boyd Brown was one of South Carolina’s three DNC executive committee members during the Obama Administration and was State Chairman for Martin O’Malley for President. Boyd has been known for years as a go-to source in South Carolina’s early Primary politics and enthusiastically supports the effort to Draft Beto.

Mallory Hagan


Mallory has an extensive and diverse resume that includes Alabama Congressional candidate, NBC affiliate news anchor, Miss America 2013 winner, advocate to end child sexual abuse, and founder of a personal branding business. As a 2018 candidate, she increased Democratic turnout in her district by 57% from 2014.

Michael Trujillo

CAlifornia Advisor

Michael Trujillo is a Democratic strategist with over 88 campaigns under his belt. Mr. Trujillo advises corporations, non-profits and political candidates on an array of government matters and legislative efforts. He got his political career jumpstarted when he was named the youngest Los Angeles City Commissioner in city history at the age of 18.

Misha Collins


When not starring on TV's Supernatural”, actor and activist Misha Collins aims to inspire change by gamifying civic engagement and connecting with his millions of social media followers. He's the creator of GISH, a record-setting global scavenger hunt, and Random Acts, a non-profit which has raised millions for charity. A University of Chicago graduate, Misha is a former White House intern who has campaigned extensively for progressive candidates nationwide.

Renee Hoagenson


Renee is a successful small business owner, Rotarian, single-mother of 3, and politician. She ran for Congress in a Missouri district that Trump won by 36%, but by connecting with voters from both parties, won twice as many votes as the Democratic candidate in 2014. Renee currently works to help the Democratic party better connect with voters in rural communities.

mariela gandara


Mariela is an artist and entrepreneur who uses design and film to raise awareness of pressing social and environmental issues. She believes that it is up to each of us to help create a vision for a better world, and creates multimedia products to empower and inspire people toward that purpose. Mariela is the creator of www.KnowYour.Vote, a voter engagement platform designed to engage and inspire voters.

Tyler Jones

South Carolina State Director

Tyler is a veteran Democratic strategist based in South Carolina. He most recently served as the chief strategist for Congressman Joe Cunningham's upset victory in SC-01 during the 2018 midterms. He is the former Executive Director of the SC House Democratic Caucus and was Governor Martin O'Malley's state director in 2016.



Pam is the first African American to run a qualified campaign for U.S. Senate in Florida history and during the 2018 Midterms was one of the most exciting women Congressional candidates. She commissioned into the U.S. Navy as a JAG Officer in 1995 and served for 4 years, including a tour as Officer in Charge of the Legal Services Office in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf area.

Tzatzil LeMair


Tzatzil brings over 18 years of experience leading media teams at major agencies in London and NY. She currently runs content marketing at a cross-cultural advertising agency in Austin, TX. Tzatzil's  passionate about waking up the "Sleeping Giant" and bringing out the Latino vote in 2020. During Beto's campaign she drafted a Hispanic Outreach Strategy, served on the campaign’s events council, and founded Latinas for Beto.

Nate Lerner


Nate founded and runs Build the Wave, a progressive grassroots organization that sent over 2 million texts for 37 Democratic candidates in 2018. He's an Obama 2012 alum, consulted on over a dozen campaigns, and is the creator of the Boycott Trump app, which received over 300,000 downloads. Nate's been featured on MSNBCNow This, and Larry King.



Barbara is a filmmaker, documentarian, broadcast journalist, progressive activist, free press advocate, artist, TriAthlete, and film studies teacher at NYU. Her multi media text-based art work has been shown in galleries in NYC and East Hampton, NY.

Dan McCool


Dan is a Democratic fundraiser, strategist, and the founder of Blue Revolution, one of the largest progressive activist groups on Facebook. In the 2018 Midterms he raised over $275,000 for 23 Democratic candidates in toss-up House races. Dan is also a published author and adjunct Professor.



Carmen recently served as the Field Director on Katie Hill's winning Congressional campaign. Prior to that, she was the Organizing Director for Hillary's 2016 campaign in Nebraska. From 2013-2016, Carmen served in the Obama Administration at Peace Corps HQ in DC. She also worked on the 08' and 12' Obama campaigns in Virginia and Nebraska.

Eliza Orlins


Eliza's served as a public defender in NY for more than 9 years, dedicating herself to defending society's most vulnerable individuals. She's made appearances on MSNBC and NY1 and was twice a contestant on Survivor. Eliza is most passionate about criminal justice reform, especially ending broken windows policing and mass incarceration.

Santiago Palomino


A Texas native, Santiago worked on Beto's campaign as a Logistical Field Organizer in Austin, focusing on engaging marginalized and minority communities. Prior to that he was a staffer on a top tier State Rep. race. During the 2016 election Santiago knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls for both the Hillary and Bernie campaigns.

Nathan Rubin


Nathan is the Founder & CEO of Millennial Politics — a news site that has showcased 220 progressive candidates and 100 organizations and received 320 million impressions on social media. He is also the author of “Boomers To Millennials: Moving America Forward”. He makes frequent appearances discussing progressive politics on Fox Business, i24 News, and Fox News.




A veteran of local, state, and federal campaigns, Michael Soneff is a Democratic political consultant, campaign manager and communications strategist. After working for a progressive member of Congress on Capitol Hill, Michael most recently advised the Nevada State Democratic Party, the DCCC, and Democratic congressional campaigns across Nevada on communications strategy.

KRis Lagrange

Union outreach

As founder of the UCOMM Media Group, Kris and his team specialize in communications for organized labor. A veteran of state and federal campaigns, his consulting work involves digital marketing and strategic messaging. With a daily news blog and weekly podcast, UCOMM represents over 35 labor organizations in the Northeast. Kris heads UCOMM PAC which will design kitchen table economic messaging into the 2020 Presidential election. 



Manny is a seasoned Democratic strategist and policy advisor. He is an Obama 2012 Nevada alum and spearheaded numerous successful municipal campaigns. Manny recently served as an advisor on Federal affairs for a progressive Mayor during his time in Washington D.C., where he served as the Mayor’s advocate and strategist on all matters before the Obama Administration and Congress.

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