Help us build a grassroots movement for Beto!

Every dollar donated goes toward helping us recruit volunteers, organize house parties, and mobilize students for Beto!

Why raise for Beto now?

By raising money and building a grassroots army for Beto now, we're helping to give him an invaluable head start in the Democratic Primary race. Other Presidential candidates have been preparing to run for over 2 years. So we need to start working now to build the infrastructure for his campaign!


Where does the money go?

Every dollar goes toward helping us recruit more volunteers and supporters like you, organize house parties, and mobilize student groups on campuses in early primary stats. None of our staff are paid and we are 100% transparent about how your donation is used. 


But Beto doesn't accept PAC money! So how are you helping him?
We're not giving Beto PAC money, we're building the early infrastructure for his Presidential campaign to use once he declares. While we're technically a PAC, we're not a big money Super PAC. All our donors are individuals and we don't accept any donations from corporations or special interest groups. We've only organized as a PAC because it's the easiest way to raise and spend money on a presidential campaign. Most of your favorite organizations like Indivisible, MoveOn, and Swing Left use PACs to get involved in campaigns.



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