$1 MILLION for beto!

Every dollar donated goes directly into an escrow account for Beto's Presidential campaign.

Why raise for Beto now?

By raising $1 million for Beto now, we're helping to give him an invaluable head start in the Democratic Primary race.


Where does the money go?

Every dollar goes into an escrow account for Beto's Presidential campaign. Funds earmarked for the escrow account cannot be touched by anyone, not even our leadership team. When Beto declares his candidacy for President, all donations will be transferred to his Presidential campaign.


But Beto doesn't accept PAC money! So how will you give to him?
We're not giving Beto PAC money, we're actually just serving as a legal conduit between individual donors and Beto's campaign. And because the money we raise is earmarked for Beto, when we forward the funds to his campaign it will technically be a contribution from the original donor and NOT our group. So it will not be PAC money.


Paid for by Draft Beto and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

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